Why would you expect Apple to lower the price on a 10 month old computer?

Agreed! I don’t expect Apple to lower their prices (until the new model is announced). The Mac Pro from Oct 2013 is still full price and it was no bargain back then!

But the relative value of these Macs still decreases as the model refresh approaches. It’s like paying full sticker price for a 2016 Mustang the day before the 2017's get delivered. Apple gets away with it for a variety of reasons. The Mac Pro is less than 1% of their sales and the iPhone subsidises everything else.

But my article was actually comparing the value of updating a 2009 machine for $200 instead of spending $1800 on a new-ish 2015 iMac. Your comment makes me realise I could have made that clearer. Your input was very helpful in this regard and much appreciated

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