Medicine is a science of wonder and mysteries yet to be discovered. Today, physicians rely on a complex and ever-growing list of medications, each designed to alleviate the discomfort of their patients. Unfortunately, not all medications are effective in producing the results expected. When medications fail, alternative, practical solutions must be sought.

Clinical research is a never-ending battle against many diseases. Often taking many years of in-depth studies and testing, clinical research continues to search for answers to health questions that continue to plague our very existence. …

The story of how cholesterol became the BAD GUY. At some time in our recent history it came to the awareness of the medical community that the incidence of heart attacks and heart disease were increasing. This encouraged research into what was the cause of heart attacks, and what were the warning signs and medical tests that could be done to detect the likelihood of you having a heart attack sometime soon.

Following the usual reductionist process the researchers took dead bodies of those who died from HA and dissected the hearts and surrounding blood vessels. What they discovered was…

Dr. Brad Ellisor

Wellness expert and sought-after speaker. Dr. Brad will inform, awaken, empower and entertain.

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