Body Language Analysis №4093: Fear and Harvey Weinstein — Emma Watson’s Reaction — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Accusations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape continue to accumulate against Harvey Weinstein. Although not currently associated with these allegations, this particular incident is quite telling. The image was captured in 2011, as then 20-year-old Emma Watson was grabbed from behind by Harvey Weinstein as they exited a BAFTA event in London. That evening they were among those at a gathering honoring the film, The Kings Speech.

Purportedly Mr. Weinstein was “escorting” Ms. Watson to their waiting car and he was “protecting” her from fans/onlookers.

From a nonverbal perspective, this photo captures a moment of fear on Emma Watson’s face. Her eyes (eyelids) are opened much wider than baseline. This is a physiologic response to a fear-associated adrenaline surge.

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