Nonverbal Communication Analysis №2814: Claire Foy’s recounting of Meeting Kate Winslet — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last week, before she won a Golden Globe for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series, The Crown, Claire Foy was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During that appearance she told a story about meeting Kate Winslet for the first time. Kate ultimately said, “Keep on truckin’!

In her retelling of this story, Claire gave herself a “Thumbs Up” signal while simultaneously making a particular face (2:22 in the video, and captured in the image below). First, notice her face is not congruent with her thumbs up. The thumbs up signal is much more conscious — and a universally positive signal of optimism, success and approval. Yet Claire’s face is expressing self-deprecating feelings. Foy’s facial expression is a much more subconscious phenomenon … and the subconscious mind is always the place where the true feelings reside.

Take Home Point: Whenever there is disparity between the consciously and subconsciously generated nonverbal signals — it’s the subconscious body language which tells the truth.

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