Nonverbal Communication Analysis №3669: Jordan Spieth, Bill Murray and the Asymmetrical Smile — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier this week golfing phenomenon Jordan Spieth was a guest on The Tonight Show. He was telling Jimmy Fallon a funny story about golfing with Bill Murray. From a body language perspective Mr. Spieth provides a fantastic example of nonverbal behavior commonly displayed — yet rarely discussed.

Jordan Spieth displays an asymmetrical smile throughout a good portion of this video segment. Nonverbal novices will say that asymmetrical smiles are not true smiles — and they would be correct a good percentage of the time — yet certainly not always. Spieth’s smile is absolutely sincere.

Note Spieth’s relaxed, noncontracted forehead muscles, his partially closed eyelids, the temporary concave-up furrows in his lower eyelids and, although this is more prominent on his left — Jordan’s upward directed cheek muscles. We can see in some of the frames Spieth’s lower teeth — because he is of course speaking while smiling, due to the camera angle and his slightly forward tilted head/neck.

As the mouth component of Spieth’s smile grows, we see it become more symmetrical. It’s also important to note that simultaneously the degree to which his eyelids are closing increases — also amplifying his smile.

Summary: Sincere smiles (aka Duchenne Smiles), as they crescendo, may often begin asymmetrically — but will increase in symmetry as the smile grows. This also occurs in the reverse direction — as the smile wanes.

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