Nonverbal Communication Analysis №3709: Kate Middleton — The face you make when you’re married to a prince but you meet Justin Trudeau — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Some on social media have cleverly captioned this picture, “The face you make when you’re married to a prince but you meet Justin Trudeau”.

Kate Middleton’s body language speaks volumes. When we thin-slicing her nonverbal signals we see:

1. Her smile is sincere
2. Her face is blushing
3. She’s performing (initiating) a HABE gesture (Hair Adjustment Behind Ear)
4. Her head and neck are flexed forward — as well as side-tilted toward the Canadian Prime Minister
5. She’s locked in eye contact with Justin Trudeau

Despite standing next to Prince William, Kate’s body language cluster in this moment is strongly indicative of her sincere attraction for Justin. Of course, like the rest of us, she’s only human — and also, like the rest of us, simply being physically attracted to another person does not at all mean she will act on this feeling. Yet there’s no denying she finds Mr. Trudeau alluring.

The next time you’re in Justin Trudeau’s shoes — and on the receiving end of similar nonverbal behavior — you can be assured your onlooker finds you sexually attractive. And while, as we see here, it may be quite innocent — it may also just as likely be quite flirtatious.

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