Nonverbal Communication Analysis №3777: Donald Trump, Ben Carson — and Mike Pence’s Poor Poker Face — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Most politicians believe they have good poker faces, yet few do — and VP Elect Mike Pence’s is particularly poor. This short video segment from earlier today contains many tells — two of which are highlighted here.

Beginning at 0:03, the future Vice President says, “Ah, we’re excited ta, we’re excited to have Dr. Carson- ah, as our ah, intended nominee — of, for ah, Housing and Urban Development. We’re looking forward to another very productive week — in the transition and setting a historic pace and, ah — ah, I’ll be spending some time in New York this week — and be spending some time in, ah, here in the Trump Tower …

Note during 0:11–0:12, Governor Pence lifts his briefcase with his middle, ring and little finger of his left hand — while his thumb and forefinger (index finger) adjusts his jacket in a pseudo-buttoning maneuver as he says, “… We’re looking forward to another …”.

This false buttoning/jacket adjustment is a strong signal of anxiety — yet we can slice this nonverbal MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) even thinner. The movement (which, of course, was never a legit attempt to button his jacket) of both his arm and brief case momentarily covering his torso, is a classic blocking maneuver. Pence feels emotionally uncomfortable with respect to the cabinet choices and/or cabinet position selection process — signaling a strong contrast with his own words. Anytime there is disparity between verbal and the nonverbal messages — it’s the nonverbal signals which always tell true feelings.

A second later, as he says, “…. very …. “, Mike Pence’s eyebrows and forehead elevate while his eyelids simultaneously close in an extended blink. This is an unnatural movement — as these closely juxtaposed tissues are pulling in opposite directions. Such an eyelid/eyebrow incongruity in is a strong signal of insincerity.

Summary: Vice President Elect Mike Pence feels significant anxiety with the cabinet member selection process and/or some of the specific people picked.

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