Nonverbal Communication Analysis №3831: Donald Trump’s and Theresa May’s Press Conference — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Prime Minister Theresa May met with President Trump today at The White House. She was the first head-of-state to visit with Donald Trump since his inauguration. There were many body language tells exhibited during their short press conference — and one rarely discussed nonverbal signal came during toward the end of the above video.

At 15:29 UK journalist (Tom) continues: “… And also may I ask a question to both of you. People are fascinated to know how you’re going to get on with each other, you’re so different. The hard-working daughter of a vicar, the brash TV extrovert — have you found anything in common personally yet?

Donald Trump: “Actually I’m not as brash as you might think.

[Audience laughter]

Donald Trump: “And I can tell you that I think we’re going to get along very well. You know, it’s interesting because I am a people person. I think you are also, Theresa. And, ah — I can often tell how I get along with somebody very early, and I believe we’re going to have a fantastic relationship….

During the 15:51–15:52 segment, as Trump says, “… I am a people person …”, the President touches his chest with his right hand. Look at the detail though — for Trump only touches with his fingers while his palm remains elevated off his chest. When there is no “palmar” touch during such “illustrators” — the gesture has a low sincerity quotient. This is very similar to what occurs during a hug when one of the “huggers” is less-than-enthusiastic about hugging — and their fingers touch without the palm of the hand touching. If you’re observant, you’ve certainly felt such a “palmless” hug yourself from time to time.

Moreover, the President is touching the right side of his chest — not over his heart. When we hold an infant for the first time, we instinctively know to place their head next to our heart — on our LEFT side. During moments of sincere affection and sincere intimacy — we strongly tend to pull the other person to our “heart side” — our LEFT side.

This is a classic body language cluster of “Feigned Sincerity”.

Intriguingly, it also takes more effort for the right hand to touch on the right side of one’s chest — it’s a more natural motion (and takes less energy) for the right hand to touch the left side of the chest.

Conclusion: Donald Trump does not truly believe he is a “People Person”.

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