Nonverbal Communication Analysis №3929: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron — Alpha and Beta Flux — Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Marine Le Pen has, without a doubt, a strong alpha personality. Yet all those who are primarily alphas will also exhibit times when they ‘drift’ into a beta emotional tone. Our ability to detect such moments of alpha-beta/beta-alpha flux in others (and ourselves) — and respond to them, will give us profound advantages.

One common nonverbal display indicating an alpha personality is in the midst of a ‘beta surge’ is known as a “Hair Adjust Behind the Ear” (aka HABE). It’s more commonly seen in women and in gay men — although certainly straight men exhibit it as well. Not surprisingly, the HABE is more frequently seen with those people having longer hair — but it’s also used by many individuals with short hair and even those who are completely bald.

Throughout her political career, Marine Le Pen’s words often sound quite alpha and assertive — one can even say she’s often hyper-alpha and hyper-assertive. However, her frequent display of the Hair Adjust Behind the Ear informs the astute body language observer that she’s in a beta-mode much more frequently than she would have us believe.

Summary: The Behind the Ear Hair Adjust is a common nonverbal signal indicating a need for alpha up-regulation. The psyche recognizes the need to “dial up” the alpha emotions and qualities — and down-regulate those which are beta. Thus what was being thought just prior to the HABE display (e.g., in response what was just spoken by the other person) indicates a high likelihood that an Achilles’ Heel subject has been touched upon.

Of course, there are many such signals of vulnerability and alpha up-regulators — how many can you name? In the first image above, what alpha and beta signals is Emmanuel Macron displaying?

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