Dr. Gary Edwards: Former Independence, MO Chiropractor a Graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic

Dr. Gary Edwards got his start as a chiropractor by earning his doctorate degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He later opened a practice in Independence, MO.
With several campuses spread throughout the United States, Palmer College preaches a blend of science and art in chiropractic healthcare that challenges and supports these professionals. Dr. Edwards is an Alabama native and has since returned to Alabama to practice his craft there. Over his long career, Dr. Edwards has helped countless patients get full functionality and pain relief from many of the body parts thanks to his comprehensive yet skilled treatment.
Dr. Gary Edwards Independence MO chose the Palmer College of Chiropractic before he set up shop in Independence, MO because he wanted to get a full perspective and a full range of training in chiropractic healthcare. Dr. Edwards’ vision of a chiropractic healthcare provider blended with the vision set forth at Palmer. Many people disdain chiropractors because they view their craft as an inexact science. Dr. Edwards has seen firsthand the potential of chiropractic treatment to provide all of the same benefits of more traditional medicine without the inherent risks coming from surgery or medication.
Dr. Gary Edwards has long been committed to helping his patients solve their medical problems without risks of surgery or medication since his days in Independence, MO. He says that he works hard on his craft “because every day [sic] I want to witness miracles.”
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