How to Create Your Agency’s Positioning Strategy
Dan Martell

It’s interesting that this video came across my Medium feed this morning. We are working on this exact process in my business. I have so many customers that flounder because they don’t know what they actually make or how they make it. I work in the local food industry and most entrepreneurs are making the transition from cooking to manufacturing. It’s a hard transition. And what we’ve done is make a robust “product description” a prereq for working with us. If you can’t figure out what you are making and how you package it, you aren’t really ready for us. Now, if the client is all gung ho, we’ll charge them close to $1K to get that product description nailed down. Then they can come on board for the roadmap. What this process has done is moved the bottleneck in our process (the product description) to the front of the line and hopefully it will make client work much smoother.

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