On the Rebound from Epic Failure
Jason Goldberg

This was a very interesting read as an entrepreneur who has no interest in tech or unicorns or that kind of investment. Businesses like mine (3 FTE with 50% growth) grow or fail on the basics of execution. I don’t have a choice but to be good at both sides (ideation and execution). I hire out the stuff that I can and I turns into we and we keep going. Operations isn’t sexy. To whit: I call myself the homeroom teacher of the local food movement because I help local food companies with operational excellence. But operations is how any company succeeds, no matter the valuation. So, if I might suggest, use your voice and your platforms to help investors understand that, sure, we small businesses may not be sexy, but in the timeline you outlined, my company has tripled (granted to three) and we would make a tidy sum for an investor. All without the drama. It’s ok to run a business without drama.

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