Ihab Anwar: Adventures aboard the MV Explorer

The 2014 Semester at Sea program is an experience Ihab Anwar will look back fondly on for the rest of his life. A three month educational voyage to ports, cities and countries adoring the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively, the Semester at Sea adventure exposed Anwar and his classmates to a myriad of sights, cultures and peoples that helped to forever alter their perspective of the world, as well as what it really means to become an active global citizen.

The MV Explorer, a ten-year-old mid-sized cruising vessel, toted both Ihab Anwar and his fellow scholars to ports throughout Europe, Russia and even islands in the Bahamas, exposing each to a wondrous variety of scenic, architectural and historic opportunities rarely found within a classroom setting.

Tour Director and History Professor Camron Lodge walked his students through 17 port cities within 15 cities, including the historic St. Petersburg, Russia.

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