Ihab Anwar — Learned from his Canada Trip

Ihab Anwar was not much of a traveler growing up. The local of the United Kingdom had never left his nation of origin until he was mature enough to go on a semester adrift outing for school. That was the point at which his life was eventually improved. He now had a hunger for investigation that he had yet to satisfy; and it all began with an excursion that put him on 15 separate nations in a matter of 108 days, setting a pace that he now needed to receive and get to be more agreeable with.

At the point when the boat first set sail from the UK, Dr. Ihab Anwar and his companions became acquainted with a greater amount of their piece of the world before intersection the Atlantic. They became acquainted with, France, Spain and Morocco for a couple of weeks before making it over to the Americas. Yet once they arrived on the North American landmass, they went to realize some new things about the mainland’s northernmost populace in the wake of seeing what life is similar to in Florida, America’s southernmost state. They investigated Canada for two weeks becoming acquainted with all the top locates in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

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