Ihab Anwar — “The World Was Our Oyster!”

Aspiring marine biologist and astute academic Ihab Anwar continues to rave about the experiences he attained as passenger of the MV Explorer, a cruise ship that recently took both Anwar and a group of over 100 students from around the world on the journey of a lifetime. A key component of the Semester at Sea Program, now in its 52nd year of operation, the MV Explorer provided students an invaluable opportunity to see and learn about the world in a highly interactive and experiential way.

“The World Was Our Oyster!,” raved England-native Ihab Anwar, who is now spending the year studying at the University of Rhode Island. “I hadn’t realized just how much this voyage would open my eyes, but I will forever be grateful to Mr. Lodge for taking us on such an incredible adventure. Lisbon and St. Petersburg are definitely tied, for me at least, as the highlights of the trip!”

Dr. Ihab Anwar, who chronicled each leg of the journey in his private journal, plans on using everything he’s learned and written to produce his essay; a 20-page piece required by each and every At Sea participant at the end of the Spring semester. A student at the University of Manchester, Anwar never misses the opportunity to share what he’s learned with his family, friends and classmates,

“I’m sure their probably tired of hearing about it by now,” says an exuberant Anwar, “but I just can’t help it. It was such a transcendental experience! I think I’m going to tour Russia and Europe in more depth once my studies are completed.”