With the exception of the two white men who disagree about climate change, the participants in the experiment are not on equal footing.
That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous
Mirah Curzer

I agree with your point. But I’m also disturbed by the number of educated liberals I hear say things like “these people deserve what they get,” or worse that “they deserve to die.” I heard a college professor, a friend of mine, say that she doesn’t care about educating the people around her, who she perceives as ignorant cretins because she lives in a largely Trump-supporting region. She has an increasingly rare tenure-track position. Every university has a mission statement that makes it clear that the university is there to serve the students, and society, at large. All she cares about is her own career ambitions, the sort of selfishness that an extreme capitalist would be criticized for (the university is publicly funded).

It strikes me that the Trump supporters are either correct in that liberals are elitists that see people they disagree with as less then them, or that liberals are embracing that stereotype. And we know the path this line of thinking leads us down. It was the root of the eugenics movement, and is the way that the left begins to embrace the thought processes that they criticize about the right.

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