There Has to Be a Better Way to End Rape Culture: It Isn’t At All Like Stealing $5
Anna Hundert

I think you’ve made a good point here. You also allude to another in that giving consent isn’t always as cut and dry as handing over $5. Sex is not a transaction. It’s not a business agreement. It’s not even a friendly exchange. It’s a complicated, often nerve-inducing, physical event between two (or more) people that is the culmination of a build up of physical and emotional comfort, and often without a precisely predicted moment of occurrence. Sometimes it’s spontaneous and unexpected. Sometimes it’s well-planned or at least hoped for by one or both (or more) partied. But it’s rarely as simple as an exchange of consent, and framing it as such ignores how complex it is. I feel like it also, as you note here as well, minimizes the fact that rape is a violent violation of a human being. While sex is complicated and consent is not as cut and dry as it’s being portrayed to be, it’s a world away from rape.