Fuck Your white Ass Fauxversity Shit, Gaming Community
Riley H

Republicans have been saying for years that all people on “the left” do is talk about diversity issues and not actually do anything about them — they’re right. Of course, Republicans, and really, Democrats as well, have helped make it so that we can’t do anything really meaningful to fix the fundamental, institutionalized problems of race in this country, because, as you forcefully point out, it has everything to do with money. And it’s not just money in tech (although big tech companies recording 40% profits while using, and lobbying for, a tax code that allows that), but rather our entire system that has decided that we will not spend money to right any of the historical wrongs our country has created. And that manifests itself in every aspect of our society, but most clearly in areas that tend to segregate along lines of educational achievement, like the entirely college-educated tech sector.

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