I’m Not A Sexist, I Just Don’t Like Hillary Clinton for a Bunch of Sexist Reasons
Megan Ford

Straw men arguments are straw men

I’ll be voting for “her,” but it’s not because I’m excited about “her.” Here are some real reasons why:

  • The Iraq War vote.
  • The bank bailouts.
  • Dramatically shifting views, for example, on gay rights.
  • The Drug War perpetuated both while she was one of our most powerful first ladies, and supposedly working on community issues, and also while she was a senator.
  • The continuation of Reaganomics, under Bill Clinton, and again, in her time as Senator (and the reason for her strong support from Wall Street), policies of which have been disastrous for American lower and middle class prosperity even while “belief” in the policies remained high with Americans because of the successful salesmanship of Reagan, Bill Clinton, Republicans, and most Democrats, including Hillary.
  • Her politicking in 2008, including tactics like “the 3am call,” which help set the tone and precedent for the rise of Trump.

I could go on, but I’d rather not waste my time or the time of others. The overall point is there are good reasons why people, especially ‘all caps LIBERALS’ should be wary of Hillary.

Implying that the opposition is just about sexism does not win over skeptical voters, it pushes them away. Acknowledging her flaws, and a potentially improved candidacy and platform, is the way forward.