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This is completely wrong. In the last game against Houston, Donovan’s coaching, but really the entire Thunder roster, showed how unfit their roster is for the modern NBA. When teams are down by double digits late in a game, they go to the 3. When they’re up by double digits late in a game, they go to the 3. Westbrook had no legs, and even with them, he’s not an elite 3 point shooter. The problem is there wasn’t another player on the team that could make one.

Houston has multiple solid 3 point shooters. The top teams in last year’s finals were two of the best 3 pt shooting teams. The Thunder were not good last year, but managed to beat the Spurs in the playoffs, the 2nd-best 3 pt shooting team last year, on the power of Westbrook and Durant. This year the Thunder were the worst shooting 3 pt team in the NBA, their first round flameout showed it, and Westbrook alone could not compensate for that glaring modern roster deficit.

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