Another Good Reason to Quit Smoking: Back Pain

If you smoke cigarettes, you already know many of the risks. You are much more likely to die from lung cancer, have a heart attack, and develop emphysema. However, did you know that smoking can also cause back pain as well. If you are considering getting a procedure done by J. Kevin Kaufman, MD or a respected spine surgeon in your area, the first thing he or she may tell you is to quit the smoking. Here’s why:

Smoking releases hydrocarbons in the body, which increases inflammation. This decreases the amount of oxygen that can get to the spine. Combine this with reduced blood flow from constricted blood vessels and you could have a problem. Smoking also can kill bone-making cells, making it a very efficient way to increase the chances of getting back pain. In fact, those who are smoke are 300% more likely to develop chronic back than those who don’t.

So if you’re looking for a good way to reduce your chances of getting back pain, put down the cigarettes for good.