Feministic. Empowering. Intense.

These were the three words which came into my mind after I saw the play “Between the Lines” by Nandita Das.

I remember when I saw “Enter The Dragon” in the cinema, all the young men walked out of the theatre flexing and competing with each other on who possessed most sinew. It was quite the contrary after “Between The Lines”!

The world is going through a revolutionary movement – “The Feminist Movement”. The meek, submissive and stay-at-home woman is slowly emerging as the strong, working and independent woman. The play voices the myriad concerns of women around the world. A cry for being understood, appreciated and more importantly, cleared of the stereotype expectations. And personally, I sure did enjoy every minute of the intensely dramatic experience. The occasional comical tinge made it a pleasure.

On the other hand, it triggered numerous questions. Feminism is celebrated, while chauvinism is looked down upon, more so ever it is considered to be shallow. Why? Chivalry is expected and encouraged in a man, from most women. But why is it considered pathetic and low when a man has expectations?

I do understand this would cause an uproar among many a people and tongues will be lashing, so do pardon me for my teenage ignorance. I immensely thank and applaud The Hindu and Nandita Das for the wonderful night of theatre. I would like to conclude with an alteration to my first line.

Feminism. Misunderstood? Misused?

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