The Immortal Dream

It was a quiet night. The light winter breeze rustled the dry timber leaves of a forest in Pathankot. Although it was a full moon night, darkness enveloped the ground and the masterfully camouflaged and positioned Alpha team, led by Major Adith. It had been over an hour and they had not received orders to proceed with the intricately planned anti-terrorist operation.

“8 ‘o clock, rang the phone,

Preeti knew it was the call of her dear own.

Relieved was her smile,

to hear Adith’s voice on the other side.

Soon it was time to disconnect,

so they bid their farewells.

She knew tomorrow he’d call back,

unacquainted that he had gone to plan the attack.”

The radio-phone crackled and a voice croaked. “Proceed”. Adith twitched his fingers and the entire Alpha team rose. They moved forward, crouched, in a predator-like fashion. Their steps, unnoticeable and feline. Their focus and spirit, undeterrable.

They were seconds away from launching a lethal counter at the insurgent camp. Their fingers on the the cold, metal triggers of their IMI Negevs. Hearts racing, heavily perspiring. 3 seconds to attack. 2 Seconds. 1…

“Memories, they flashed,

instantly Adith gasped.

For his beautiful Preeti, he might not see

nor his daughter, his little pari.

Holding his wife’s hand,

he could’ve been sitting at home,

But now, his gun is all he could call his own”

Anand threw open the windows in an effort to make his son, Suraj, get up from his deep slumber.

“Suraj, awoke with a broad smile,

for his dream has been his dream for a long while.

As valiant as Major Adith he aspires to be,

this immortal dream in reality, he wishes to see”

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