I am Clay—a survivor of suicide loss. And I have a problem with “13 Reasons Why.”
Shawna Chen

Thank you for writing, Shawna. The only way to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues is if we openly discuss them. I’m halfway through the book, “13 Reasons Why,” and have yet to watch the show — so my comments may be premature. I am told that the show is significantly different than the book, poorly done and doesn’t even follow the book all that closely.

The book is captivating (It’s hard for me to put it down) and makes me feel really depressed (which is why I do put it down). So far I experience the book as being more about the effects of bullying than about suicide.

My wise daughter (who says she hates the show and thinks the book is well written) says that it’s easier for people to criticize the whole concept rather than to experience the negative feelings that they have when they read the book. I tend to agree, we tend to minimize the effects of bullying in our culture — -which needs to stop!