4 Ways 3D Imaging Can Help You Choose the Perfect Breast Implants

For many breast augmentation candidates, any amount of uncertainty surrounding their final results can feel intimidating. In an effort to alleviate these concerns, as well as help women decide on the best implants for their ideal look, many surgeons have adopted Vectra 3D imaging into their practice.

3D Imaging is an excellent resource that helps patients achieve their dream look while helping surgeons better understand each patient’s cosmetic goals. There are four ways that 3D Imaging can help you choose the perfect breast implants for you.

1. Gives Patient and Surgeon a Starting Point for Discussion
When women who are interested in breast implants first meet with their surgeon for a consultation, they can feel unsure about where to begin. By using Vectra 3D Imaging as a starting point, patient and surgeon can springboard into detailed discussions about appearance goals, different types of breast implants, and various possible sizes.

More often than not, seeing the potential results from different breast implant options will help the patient gain a deeper understanding of her goals, while the resulting discussions can help the surgeon get a feel for the right approach to take for each particular patient.

2. Eliminates Miscommunication
One of the risks of using subjective language to discuss breast augmentation, like ‘natural,’ ‘proportionate,’ or ‘youthful,’ is that the patient and surgeon may have entirely different interpretations of what those words mean. While many women like the idea of natural-looking breast augmentation, using such a subjective term can have different meanings for different patients.

For some women, ‘natural’ breast augmentation means a subtle size boost. For others, ‘natural’ may mean minimal scarring and no implant visibility, while others still may envision using anatomically-shaped breast implants. With the use of 3D Imaging for viewing and discussing potential breast augmentation results, subjectivity is no longer a factor, and the chance of miscommunication is largely mitigated.

3. Shows the Results of Different Implant Options
While patients may be able to imagine having larger breasts, the nuanced differences of different implant profiles and volume changes can be difficult to convey with conversation alone. With the help of 3D Imaging, patients can now visualize what their breasts could look like with various implant sizes and a range of implant profiles.

For instance, the same volume in can appear differently in high profile implants, moderate implants, and low profile implants. Including 3D imaging to delineate these differences helps women and their surgeons determine the best profile and size to match both natural anatomy and the patient’s appearance goals.

4. Shows How Implants Would Look on Your Body
In addition to demonstrating a variety of implant types, Vectra 3D Imaging also shows patients what implants in general might look on their body. Some patients may be surprised at the effect on their overall appearance that implants can have, or how adding volume to their bust line might change the balance of their figure.

Educating patients with visual confirmation of how they would look with breast implants through 3D imaging can help patients maintain realistic expectations about their results. Having a visual confirmation also helps women have fewer concerns during the healing process, which can include uncertainty over swelling, implant placement, or early asymmetry. Having already caught a glimpse of how they can expect their final results to look can serve as positive encouragement throughout the breast augmentation process from consultation through recovery.