Don’t be those parents

Who say, I just didn’t know, why didn’t my doctor tell me?

First off I’m not blaming you, the parents. I’ve sat across from dozens of parents during a consult for their child with repeat ear infections. Otitis media aka ear infections are one of the ‘smallest’ problems in actual size but are one of the top reasons parents take their child to a pediatrician (up to 30 million visits a year). Add in the fact that nearly 85% of children suffer from ear infections, you and your child are probably familiar with this ‘little’ problem.

I’m writing this because in the United States the go to first line of defense against ear infections (antibiotics), is the worst first step and the most harmful to your child. I also should state that I’m not anti-medicine, and in this case the facts are so clear it baffles me why still to this day why so many kids are getting prescribed antibiotics at the first sign of an ear infection.

The crazy thing is that in the May 2004 issue of Pediatrics gave the ‘watchful waiting’ period of at least 3 months before recommending treatment. This could be to nearly 70% of ear infections being viral in cause, which antibiotics are only effective on bacteria.

As a parent of 4, I know that the watch and wait method would not sit well with me, especially if my child was screaming in pain. Even though 85% of children suffer with an ear infection at some point in their life, NONE of my children have ever had one. That’s crazy right? I must be lucky, or I may know something that helps give my children an advantage.

If you are curious, check out this video.