Bringing Much-Needed Sanity to the Vaccine Debate
Kevin Michael Geary

Clean up the language on this

After posting your article on my FB, a friend pointed out to me that your use of the language of ‘killing babies’ is problematic and undermines the article. She wrote this: “You lost me when you referred to abortion as killing babies. A zygote (fertilized eggs) or an embryo (multiplied cells) aren’t babies, and abortion isn’t killing. Yours is a minority opinion, not even an assertion based on fact. It’s based on control issues put forth by a questionable power base, afraid of reproductive freedom, that has grabbed religion as a cloak and chooses to make up their own assessments based on interpretations that have no basis other than their own biases. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but also, that opinion is subject to comment when made publicly. We the people are fed up with overly vocal extremists trying to force others to believe their extremism, and making those who disagree with them out to be ogres. Killing a doctor or healthcare worker us killing. Ending a pregnancy is not. Is it always cut and dried? No. However, multiplying tissue us not a life. If that were do, my cancer rumors and fibroids could be considered life, and me a killer for having them removed from my body. Stop (however subtly) practicing imbedded subliminal pressure against those who are pro the right if a woman and her doctor to choose, without interference from extremist “religionists” who have no scientific basis, nor religious basis, for their opinion on what constitutes a life form.”

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