Take Action

Daily we must set our intentions and put forth the actions to ensure that our plans are manifested. Be very intentional about what you would like to accomplish and begin the process to get things done. When you decide the steps that you will take and actually get started… you will reap tremendous results. Now here is a little secret- “Psst… if you do nothing, you will get nothing.”

You may have the best intention in the world, but you cannot purchase anything with intentions. Now, please do not get me wrong. I am advocate of setting your intention. My business platform is, Authentic Intentions. Hello! … But, by the same token, you must do the work. Life Rewards Action.

Setting The Intentions +Actions = Your Intentional Authentic Life

Life is too precious to decide to wait until “the right time.” We cannot take for granted that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We all know too well that Time waits for no one.We only get one shot at this.

This ain’t a dress rehearsal. ~ Gray Dog

I realize that many of us fear taking risks or rejection. Remember, that many times rejection could be a nudge to go in a different direction. Do not measure your value or self-worth upon the world’s acceptance of us. Whatever dream that you possess, whatever goal that you yearn to achieve… Please Believe that It Is PossibleJust Go For It. That yearning within you is there for a reason. Do not let fear stop you from stepping out on faith. Do not settle for being average, when you were created for greatness. So, strive for excellence. You have nothing to lose. But, if you do not try… you may just end up regretting it.

Go. See. DO.


What are the dreams or goals that you have that are awaiting you to take action? When will you start? I look forward to your comments.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Keke

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