Is it true that there are no negative emotions?

There’s a lot to be anxious about right now.

And you might be tempted to think that negative emotions like anxiety are the problem.

But what if they’re not?

What if there’s actually nothing WRONG with a negative emotion like anxiety?

BUT what if there are some aspects of negative emotions that are less helpful?

Negative emotions that are the result of a situation that’s going on now, in the present, are really useful feedback.

But if you have memories from the past, which, as you recall them now, cause you to feel a negative emotion in the present.

Then you have a block.

When you’re able to free yourself from those past negative emotions, you are more present, more joyful, more empowered, and free-er. You’re also able to access your intuition more (but that’s for another article).

So let’s explore exactly what a block is and how to clear it.

With CET, we use the 5 principles of Love, the first of which is that there is only one true emotion and that’s LOVE. You might also call it Source, Energy, Prana, Chi — pick your favourite term.

When we have an experience which installs a resistance in our nervous system, it blocks the flow of love. Love always wants to flow.

But now this event has created a boundary or block in your neurology.

Love tries to flow but hits that boundary.

So what you feel is resistance to love.

And you feel it as a negative emotion.

The experience we call feeling a negative emotion is caused by the absence of love or the resistance to love. What we feel as a negative emotion is actually the experience of resisting the flow of love energy.

If we are truly infinite beings with an infinite number of possible neural pathways, and if love is truly an energetic force, then every second of every hour of every day, love energy is attempting to flow throughout our energy body, along the pathways of our neurology.

Imagine each channel in the nervous system as a river of flowing love. If we were to dam the river, we would end up with a pool of water on the upstream side and a dried-up river bed on the downstream side. A build-up of love that can’t get out on one side, and another side desperately in need of love. It’s this difference in the levels of energy that we feel and label as some kind of ‘negative feeling’.

As long as the love energy is flowing, we don’t notice it. When its flow is hindered for any reason, we notice it. What we notice is the change or the difference and we label it.

All the negative emotions that we feel, ultimately, are either a resistance to love, or an attempt to hold on to love. Let’s look at the five most common categories of negative emotions:

  • Anger is what we feel when love is withheld, when we don’t get the love we deserve, or when someone does something unloving.
  • Sadness is what we feel when we lose something, or someone, we love.
  • Fear is what we feel when we think we will, or might, lose love or that we are not loved.
  • Hurt is what we feel when love is withheld or when our attempt to give love is rejected.
  • Guilt is what we feel when we think we did not love another enough or we did something unloving.

Whenever we find ourselves feeling bad about something from the PAST and the feeling interferes with our ability to enjoy life or be productive, that’s a sign that we need to clear the block.

There are a lot of emotional release processes out there, and they mostly focus on releasing the excess energy, and replacing where the energy is depleted.

But what they often lack is a way to remove the block that’s CAUSING that emotional imbalance.

So they give temporary relief, but you have to go back and have another session.

And back again.

And repeat.


A process to CET yourself free from negative emotions

Conscious Emotional Transformation permanently clears the cause of your blocks.

What you can do with CET is:

Clear the CAUSE of the emotional block and pain.

Clear it once for good.


And permanently.

It’s as if it was NEVER there!

The result is that you experience only pure joyful bliss flowing throughout your neurology, without restriction.

But don’t take my word for it — try it free for 30 days — FREE — here:

With Huge Love,


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Dr Lisa Turner

Author, Speaker, Creator of Conscious Emotional Transformation, Trainer, Scientist, Artist, Knitter