Despite his protestations, Owen Jones has taken sides.
Kate Buffery

ِAn excellent response. What worries me about Owen’s article is the assumption that: In order to be elected, you need to get the backing of the main stream media, as king makers. This means you have “to scratch their back, and they scratch yours”. Another assumption underlying the article is that the heads of the British electorate are buckets that can be filled by MSM.

However, Owen’s questions are applicable to all parties, and there is no harm in benefiting from his article, the good and the bad points thereof, as much as possible. At least, we are now on the alert to respond to the arguments circulated by all sides, and on the alert to launch a stronger campaign to bring back disenchanted Labour faithfuls, and to promote awareness of the party that cares, is responsible, is in touch with the people and responds to their calls and needs.