A Brief Trip to the Place I Call(ed) Home

I'm revisiting my old stomping grounds today on some personal business for the first time since I moved away (yesterday made 9 months since I left) to Maryland and I must admit, I kinda miss the place a bit.

I don't miss it in a "I wish I was back here" kind of way but more nostalgic. Old sights, sounds, memories, etc.

My mom and I left Jersey City (New Jersey) at the same time so my biggest connection to JC has already been severed but when you called a city your home for your whole life, you don't just forget about it.

I definitely was long overdue in leaving and definitely happy about where I am now though and when I hop on the bus back to MD, I’ll say a fond farewell yet again. For forever? Who knows. I’ve learned a long time ago that the very thing you say never to can end up happening out of the blue.