How to Make a Pizza at Home

An anesthesiologist by profession, Dr. Mario Tarquino enjoys cooking in his free time. Dr. Mario Tarquino maintains a particular fondness for making pizza at home from fresh ingredients.

To make a good pizza, you must start with high-quality ingredients. This means making your own dough, a relatively straightforward process that needs only flour, yeast, water, and extra virgin olive oil. These combine best when you knead the dough by hand, after which time it can be left to rise under a warm towel in a warm room.

After the dough is finished rising, you can roll it out. Parchment paper can help keep the dough from sticking. You can then place the rolled-out crust on a rimless baking sheet or round pan and slide the pan into the oven for partial baking. This helps to prevent the crust from becoming soggy under the weight of the toppings.

It is also important to pre-bake ingredients that you would not eat raw. Other ingredients, such as pepperoni, can go straight onto the cheese before baking, while fresh herbs should not go on the pizza until baking is done.

Toppings should not extend all the way to the edge of the crust, as a half-inch of naked crust is necessary to prevent dripping. Using too many toppings is also inadvisable, as the pizza will not cook thoroughly. A handful of good-quality items is enough to create a fresh and tasty pizza at home.

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