U.S.-Japan FTA in 2018?

One of the first proposals by the Heritage Foundation after the ouster of Jim DeMint. Reasonable challenge against TPP11.

In his post, Riley Walters, research associate of the Heritage Foundation, summarised his proposals as follows.

  • Begin negotiations on a U.S.-Japan FTA, possibly at the second US-Japan Economic Dialogue once a USTR is confirmed
  • Use progress made in the past negotiations, specifically TPP, as a starting point
  • Aim to a trade agreement that is a modern desirable for both parties, but also "Make America First."

The most interesting proposal is the second one. Now that talks on a TPP11 pact begins, it is reasonable for U.S. to start bilateral trade negotiations based on TPP to avoid wasting time.

But ironically, the more U.S. depends on the outcomes of TPP during its bilateral negotiations , the more TPP11 countries have reasons to unite each other based on TPP. That is, TPP is not a starting point, but a realistic goal, if not perfect for U.S.