If you want your business to move forward, let go of the anchors

So you’ve been in business for a year or so and it seems like things have come to a grinding halt. Then you do what everyone else does to try and get their business to move forward: you try and get your slow movers to move faster.

You use tactics like “remember you told me why you started this business” or “if you don’t change, your life will never change” and then sit back and wonder why nothing is working.

Here’s the truth: let them go.

It’s a hard thing to do, but it’s necessary if you want your business to move forward.

These people are like anchors to your business. Which can be a good and bad thing. They are the ones you feel are solid and will always be there. But at the same time you know deep down inside that they won’t necessarily push themselves out of the comfort zone.

The more you try to push them, the more energy you waste.

Let the anchors go.

When you actually do this you’ll see something happen. First, you’ll realize you need to do some networking (after all, it’s called network marketing). Secondly, as you move forward the ones you let go will start to show movement. The reason…people will do what they see you doing. They won’t do what you’re saying.

Take a moment or two and write down who do you need to “let go”?


Dr. Mike

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