Here’s the reason your skin is always glowing after spin class

Have you ever noticed that right after you workout, your skin is glowing? Especially after something intense like a spin class. Well, it’s not just coincidence. Here’s what happens when you exercise:

You need more oxygen, so your heart starts pumping. This increases blood flow and oxygenated blood is rushed throughout your body, which instantaneously delivers nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. This is why your skin looks plump, flushed, and glowing.

Exercise gives longterm skin benefits, too. The increase in blood flow also flushes out toxins that cause oil build up, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.

Of course, there are other numerous benefits to exercise that are not as vain. But for the purposes of this post, know that working out plumps your skin, prevents wrinkles, and gives you an instant glow. #Boom

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