Your instinct is spot-on.
James Elliott

Exactly what I was going to say.

There are a lot of us ‘old white guys’, who fought along side our brothers and sisters during those civil rights years. I was there. I wnet thru the racial unrest in Wichita, Kansas and while it didnt get the publicity of the larger cities, we did get our share.

And I moved away from there 28 years ago, and my friends show that it has gotten worse then when I still lived there. Now, they dont tell me its worse… but what they do say, tells me more than what they actually say ever could.

I am sad that you had to experience this same shit now… I would suggest that you move to Seattle, like I did… but you might not like the rain. People do say that racism is just as bad here, but I dont think they had the experience of below the Mason-Dixon line…