Huckabee Disqualifies Himself, Should End Presidential Ambitions
Jon Soltz

The republicans want to privatize the VA. That SHOULD be enough to tell everyone how they really feel. If they personally cannot get a profit from something, they want nothing to do with it. Its why they hate charity. Its why they dont believe in veterans.
Oh sure, they love the wars. They love the shock and awe and the awe shucks. But if you ‘come home’, you didnt finish the job. And you are not worthy of our respect. To do the job properly, you were supposed to ‘give your all’, ‘leave it on the field’. So, when you come home disillusioned and broken, you are now a part of that class of 47%. You are a moocher and a leech.

And their only question is…’What have you done for ME today?’

In simple terms, they are traitors.