Lip Enhancement — Louisville Plastic Surgeon | Dr O’Daniel

Plumper, younger lips are possible through a range of cosmetic procedures, including lip lifts, and natural or synthetic injectable fillers.

Louisville Plastic Surgery helps patients select the best technique, depending on the shape of the patient’s lips and the desired result. Injectable lip enhancement options include both the patient’s own fat and synthetic injections such as Juvaderm or Restylane to create fuller, rejuvenated lips. Injected fillers can enhance the natural silhouette of the upper lip, and also fill in the vertical “lipstick bleed” lines along the upper lip. In addition to fillers, Dr. O’Daniel routinely performs fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing combined with micro-fat injections to further reduce the deeper lines around the mouth to achieve optimal outcomes.

Lip Enhancement Case Studies

Dr. O’Daniel also performs lip lifts for the patient who wants to alter the shape of his or her lips or increase the amount of “red” while shortening the height of the lip.

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