1 John 1–4: The Beloved Upon Whom It is Bestowed to Become Children of God by Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dipl

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As we have learned, from both books of John, that the beginning, was not the Genesis Creation, but that the beginning was the beginning of all things was from Christ’s Ministry on wards, and that all that was written was for the edification of the Body, the Children, the Chosen Ones upon whom it had been bestowed to become Children of God, so that they may be made complete.

This is not to all and sundry, but only a select group, and the warnings therein (1 John 1–4) only concern the chosen ones, the Body of Christ, and as we can see, the letter was written to warn about not walking in darkness, not to be misled by those (Antichrist’s) who had once been part of the Body of Christ and now had left.

If one doesn’t walk in the light (for God is light and no darkness is in him) one does not have partnership with God or those that are chosen. In the warning to the 7 churches, John goes through what is being practiced in the Church (Ecclesia/Body of Christ) and what it is they should do so as not to be punished.

The Parables of the Kingdom, they also only relate to those who have been called, we see how some will fail (the Parable of the Talents and The Wise and Foolish Virgins), no wonder Christ himself could say that, “many are called, but few are chosen”.

So, walking in the Light, is “accepting the message given”, that Jesus is the Human Messiah has come in the Flesh.

And, like Moses, while Jesus can rightly be called God, he is not God the Almighty. He is only the Messiah, the only begotten God, that had his beginning from when he was conceived in his Mothers womb. Psalms tells us that God (Yahweh) the Almighty, he only becomes the Messiahs God when the Messiah leaves his Mothers womb, and it was only whilst he was in his mothers womb that he was called (Psalms 22:10 and Isaiah 49:1).

Remaining in God’s love also means loving one’s brother. The term here is not related to all and sundry, but to love those in the true faith. There is a difference between neighbor and brother, we can and must do good to all, become all things to all, just as Paul had done, but we must do good to those who are especially in the faith and of the brotherhood of Christ.

We mustn’t also give ear to all that we hear. But, because the spirit of God dwells inside us, we will not only not sin, but we will not give ear to false stories, as the spirit tests what is being said whether it is for good or for ill.

Today, there are some 35,000 different Cults, Sects and Churches (so called). But, when one sees what they preach, teach and practice, one can readily see that they do not walk in the light or in the truth, and as Deuteronomy says, God cannot work on them or in them, because they choose to believe in falsehood.

There are even Biblical Unitarians that act in this fashion, and that even hate other brothers, abuse them, and they don’t all believe the same, they are divided on what they believe and who Jesus Christ really is, some even hang on to the notion that Christ died on a Friday. By doing this, they ignore what has been written about the sign of Jonah (with regards a literal 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the Earth).

Here we see, from John 1 and 1 John, that the beginning of all things is not the Genesis creation, but what had come into being through (by means of) Christ’s Ministry, and without it (Christ’s Ministry) nothing of what we know today would have ever happened at all. When John spoke of the beginning, why tell us of the Genesis Creation (as some say it is) and then jump three Millennia to when Christ shows up? It just wouldn’t make sense. The text in John 1:1 is perfect, there is nothing wrong with it, except the way that it is being understood.

To believe the message other than it is, is not only means to believe in another Gospel, but another Jesus, for which one will die in their sins for, regardless of what they have believed or portended to do in Christ’s name (John 8:24, Galatians 1:8 and Matthew 7:21–23).

Elijah Returns

Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dipl

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