Do You Have Time for a Sacred Bath?

Dr. Paulette Sherman
5 min readMar 20, 2020

Love Makes Your Soul Crawl Out from It’s Hiding Place.’

-Zora Neale Hurston

We are all going through troubled times together. There are lots of energies in the air, including sadness, panic, anger, and stress. There is much that we can’t control now but we can learn how to shift our own energy and return to a place of love and peace, each day. We normally take baths for physical hygiene, but did you know that many cultures also have used baths as tools for emotional and spiritual hygiene? Most of you have a home bath.

Water is a symbol of purification, unity and the Divine. Right now seems like the perfect time for self-care and to create a daily reset and purification process. You can imagine anything negative going down the drain at the end of your bath- this includes the news, negative thoughts, feelings, fears etcetera. This shifts you into your healing nervous system and expands your consciousness.

In my book, The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit,’ I designed bath rituals that incorporate a variety of healing tools, by leveraging your existing habit of taking a bath. It includes using Epsom salt for detox, essentials oils to lift your mood, an intention, a meditation, some affirmations and deep breathing, a candle, and a visualization. If you want to get fancy you can include a matching crystal in your bath and tea afterward while you journal. These bath rituals help you to shift from fear into love, to re-center and refuel and to tune into higher guidance. There are 52 baths, one for each day of the year, in 7 life areas but the book also teaches you to create your own bath ritual (with whatever you have available) and for whatever issue/intention you’d like to address at that time. It is published by Llewellyn so I can’t give it away for free at this time, so instead, I wrote a sample bath that you can do on coronavirus fears here. If you like it and want the book, you can get it on Amazon here. With 52 baths it will more than get you through this quarantine period. Although it teaches about lots of crystals and essential oils too, it’s sufficient to use a candle and one or two essential oils (like lavender and orange essential oil) and get some Epsom salt and start. I should also mention that Llewellyn is a metaphysical/spiritual publisher so these bath rituals can help you connect with Spirit. I think this could be incredibly helpful right now because we all have a Higher Self, even if you do not believe in God. If you do believe in God and the angels, this is a simple and enjoyable practice to begin to bring in a power Higher than your own, to get guidance, to feel an unconditionally loving presence at all times and to feel connected.

So, here is a free sample bath:

‘A Bath Ritual to Banish Your Coronavirus Fears and Reset:


3 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops orange essential oil

Pink quartz crystal

A candle


Explanation of the bath elements:

Orange essential oil- lifts your mood

Lavender essential oil- Relaxes you and improves sleep

Pink Quartz crystal- Amplifies self-love and love

Instructions: Light a candle. Fill the bath after you’ve cleaned it. Pour in a cup of Epsom salt and then add the essential oils and mix it around before getting in.

The bath ritual:

Call in the Higher Power of your choosing. If you’re secular you can call in your Higher Self. If you love angels you can call in Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing. If you believe in God or the Goddess, cal in them. The idea is to connect with a Higher power full of love, peace, and miracles and to fill with that energy.

As you lie in your wonderfully fragrant tub, stare at the candle (representing Spirit) and breathe deeply. Take at least three deep breaths and center yourself. Invite the energy of love, peace, and healing to fill you and your tub.

If fear and negative news pop up then return to your intention, knowing that in the end, this will all wash away down the drain.

Focus on how you can best use your time while at home now. How can this experience help you grow?

Ask Archangel Raphael to clean your aura and chakras while you breathe and to provide you with protection. Ask God to give you guidance on how best to use your time so that you can grow and be peaceful during this time.

See if any words of guidance come into your head or perhaps a vision of something and make note of it and keep breathing. You can ask anything else related but it’s important to stay focused on your major intention or your mind can go astray and take you out of your current state of consciousness.

When 20 minutes are up, ask your Archangel or a Divine power to seal in this good energy into your cells and heart so it’s overflowing and lasting.

Ask that any feelings of fear, anger or sadness be washed down the drain so all that’s left is love, peace, and centeredness.

Thank your Archangel, Higher Self or Divine power for assistance and blow out the candle, saying a prayer first if you wish.

Afterward, turn on the bathroom light and dry off. You can get some tea and journal about any insights you received while in your bath.

These morning bath rituals got me through Triple-negative breast cancer after losing all my hair and many invasive treatments. As a working mom, I had little time for myself and it was my self-care and spiritual time for 20 minutes each day. I have felt really connected with Spirit since and able to do a reset during stressful times. I am still using it as a habit, 8 years later. So, I hope that this ritual will be helpful to those of you with whom it resonates.

I wish you my best in Love,

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