Build Meaningful Relationships with Facebook Dating

As a psychologist and dating coach, I’m excited about the new platform of Facebook Dating! Since Facebook is already the go-to spot for many people to maintain long-lasting connections, I think it’ll be a natural place to form dating matches. Facebook has said that this upcoming platform will be about creating ‘meaningful relationships,’ not just hookups.

By meaningful relationships, I mean that daters will try to get to know the other person and to develop a deeper connection around who that other person is, beyond sex. This is not a judgment of hookups or casual relationships. But many daters report wanting a dating space that feels more community-oriented, organic, respectful and meaningful than what they’ve already tried. Based on that assumption or reported desire, here are a few reasons that I anticipate that this Facebook Dating platform may be advantageous in this way:

1- Facebook has Massive Data with Which to Match You–

2- Facebook Dating is Looking to Create Meaningful Relationships –

3- You Can Use Interests & Events to Meet Like-Minded Singles–

I’m also including this video below which gives a few more tips about how the Facebook Dating platform will facilitate Mindful Dating:

I look forward to sharing many more advantages to Facebook Dating with you soon. Learn more in my new book, Facebook Dating: from 1st Date to Soulmate.

Psychologist, Relationship coach, podcast host of, ‘The Love Psychologist’ and author of ‘‘Dating from the Inside Out.’ @kpaulet

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