I’m a dating and relationship coach and recently I’ve been reflecting on how house hunting is like dating. Today with COVID there has been a mass exodus from NYC and people are currently getting country houses or moving to rent houses with a yard. To rent a house in the Poconos can be over 4K a week so many people are getting second homes or moving. The mortgage rates are low now and mortgage applications are up.

Having gone through this process ourselves, I know it can be fraught with similar considerations that ensue while people are dating. …

Cinematherapy: Solve Your Relationship Issues by Watching Great Movies

During quarantine, many of us were home more with our loved ones and most of us watched movies, right? Well, what if I told you that research shows that when couples watch and then discuss movies with relationship themes that the divorce rate is cut in half and it’s as effective as early counseling programs! Here are some reasons why Cinematherapy is effective:

1-People use movies to heal and grow- By projecting their wounds and fears onto the character’s situation, you can heal along with them.

2-Research shows that people feel calmer and make more life changes after watching movies.

25 Ways to Improve Your Union While ‘Quarantining’

Are you sick of being stuck inside, feeling depressed and irritable and you’re directing your frustration at your partner and finding that you are at each other’s throats? Are you focused on all those things you miss that you can’t do together anymore, like going out in nature, visiting restaurants, seeing movies, meeting up with friends and family and partaking in the outside world? All this is normal and expectable. Many people are getting cabin fever.

This stress can get to us all and affect our relationships. Media reports that divorce filings are up 40 percent since this quarantine started.

What is Love?

Before I review each of the 4 relationship stages I see, I want you to take a moment to get clear about what love means to you.

We often think of love as a “feeling,” but higher love can be a state of being. Love is often viewed as an overflowing of connection, joy, appreciation, and cherishing.

When we’re in love, we’re open, wanting to give and receive the best of our partner, wanting to share, and seeking to understand. The other person brings out our best and radiates this love. Who doesn’t want to be around that? In this…

‘Marriage and The Law of Attraction’ book by Dr. Paulette Sherman

A friend brought it to my attention that newspapers were saying that divorce filings are up by 40 percent as couples in the US spend time together in quarantine. Divorce requests also currently can’t be processed fast enough in China, as couples come out of quarantine. Of course, this adds trauma to trauma and it’s disturbing. Our divorce rate was already 50 percent!

So in this article, we can look at some reasons why this is happening and how to improve things:

Why People Are Divorcing in Quarantine?

Trauma and fear can bring out our worst sides and make us defensive. Old resentments get exacerbated and…

A Legacy Project

Creativity is oxygen to the soul

-Julia Cameron

What is a Legacy?

A legacy is something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by. We all have different invisible but deeply meaningful legacies already, like having a family and friendships, maybe children, work, volunteering, accomplishments, and a life well-lived. But there are also creative and spiritual legacies that are tangible that you can leave behind in the world.

No one is saying that we are going to die now, but in this life or death situation of the Coronavirus many of us may have thought for a moment about the possibility of our…

Most singles thought that dating (online or otherwise) was hard enough before this Coronavirus. As a long time dating coach, my heart goes out to those singles who were really looking to meet someone before this happened. Now they’re at home, wondering when they can go out again. No one knows whether it’ll be one month or nine. So, is there any way to make some progress in dating, given the current limitations? Here are some (hopefully not too lame) suggestions that may spark some hope:

Do Video Dates

Video dates are not as good as meeting in person but they definitely feel…

Ah, as if relationships weren’t hard enough! In marriages we commit to each other, ‘in sickness and health and till death do us part.’ But, what if we see and deal with the nature of that commitment differently?

This coronavirus tragedy is bringing up some of these issues in couples like never before. I mentioned in a previous article, the difference between a Minimizer and Maximizer. Minimizers tend to diminish difficulties during stress and to downplay things. They don’t like to focus on the stressful event and may even refuse to discuss it. Maximizers can turn hardships into catastrophes in…

Lots of women are feeling in love with Governor Andrew Cuomo right now. Of course, at first, they notice that he’s handsome, smart and a good speaker but it also goes deeper. For them, it’s the difference between a fling and a keeper. I obviously don’t know him as a person nor will I even discuss his politics. But, as a Relationship counselor, I thought it would be fun to look at the qualities that he’s embodied in his press conferences that seemed so magnetic to women and how those qualities can serve our relationships.

Taking Responsibility:

Women often complain that the…

Love Makes Your Soul Crawl Out from It’s Hiding Place.’

-Zora Neale Hurston

We are all going through troubled times together. There are lots of energies in the air, including sadness, panic, anger, and stress. There is much that we can’t control now but we can learn how to shift our own energy and return to a place of love and peace, each day. We normally take baths for physical hygiene, but did you know that many cultures also have used baths as tools for emotional and spiritual hygiene? Most of you have a home bath.

Water is a symbol…

Dr. Paulette Sherman

Psychologist, Relationship coach, podcast host of, ‘The Love Psychologist’ and author of ‘‘Dating from the Inside Out.’ www.DrPauletteSherman.com @kpaulet

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