​It’s Time For a Medical Court System

The State Flag of Georgia

While I commend the State of Georgia for trying to tackle the 800 pound Gorilla in the room (Malpractice Claims)​, they are viewing the problem form only one side.

Solutions must have an answer for both parties. Having a “review” panel will ONLY enable for MORE claims without any penalty for frivolous claims. What is to stop any patient from making a claim for “bad outcome.

Bad outcome is horrible, but it is not malpractice. The man who falls from a ladder and breaks his arm and can’t play baseball as well as he did before, may sue……I was good before I saw Dr X.

​How about​ the patient who gets an infection after her appendectomy, and the incision scars poorly. She may sue.

The problem lies in the ease of the ability to bring a claim. Yes, I know the “review board” will decide if there is merit. This places a tremendous responsibility on that board. Who is chosen, are they elected, are they Physicians, Politicians, Democrat, Republican, etc etc?

The only answer is an actual medical court system, such as a marriage court. Professionals trained in medicine and law. Such a plan is highlighted in my 7 Point National Health Plan. There must be consequences for bringing frivolous claims from both the patient as well as the attorney. Just as there should be consequences from actual malpractice.

We live in a litigious society and that’s how we solve our disputes.

Bernie ​Sanders likes​ to say we should have a health care system like Sweden or Canada. Great places both, but they do not have malpractice lawyers, we do.

I acknowledge this, but we must also try to reduce our overwhelming defensive medicine costs. Otherwise, we will price ourselves out of the best health care in the world and may have to move to Sweden. Just don’t expect to sue if your brain transplant fails.