Spider Veins and Sclerotherapy

Dr. Pranay Ramdev attended Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he earned his doctor of medicine. Currently, he is self-employed as a vascular surgeon in Vero Beach, Florida. At his practice, Dr. Pranay Ramdev treats patients with vascular ailments and vein conditions such as spider veins.

A backup of blood in the veins is what leads to spider veins. The valves located in the veins are supposed to keep the blood flowing forward while it moves up through the legs. However, when the veins aren’t working properly and when the blood flows backward instead, blood will settle in the veins. Once blood settles in the veins, it will become more noticeable under the skin.

In-office medical treatments for spider veins include sclerotherapy, which is a procedure that is used to eliminate spider veins. In this method, an injection of a salt solution will be inserted in the vein. The solution works by irritating the lining of the targeted blood vessel, which will then lead to it collapsing and sticking together, making the blood clot. Following the procedure, the vessel will turn to scar tissue and begin fading over time.

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