Fact, Lies, and Quality Management

We are somewhat made to believe that Quality and its management will happen naturally by having some sets of documents and certifications. However, it’s never the case as many efforts in the name of achieving Quality and Excellence are seen in isolation. This happens quite easily because there are no proper mechanisms in place to touch the Belief System of an individual or groups when it comes to ensuring a Quality Culture. The Facts, Lies, and Quality Management will give a clearer picture on what Quality Management is all about and how to address those weaknesses that plague many organizations out there. The topics such as Quality, the creation of right experiences to touch the belief system, the science of variations, data and measurements, being innovative and problem solving framework is explained in detail. Simple and clear this book will allow you to think more holistically when dealing with day to day challenges towards the creation of a more dynamic robust solutions in making quality outcomes a reality. It will also give the readers an idea of how much of wasted efforts that go into play every day with or without realizing that it creates more damages than you think in the name of Quality and its management. So, with the limited resources that we have, we sure can’t afford to do the right things wrong or the wrong things very correctly.