Are You A Sexist Tweeter? #FollowWomenWednesday

Follow Women Wednesday on Twitter

As a mindfulness teacher, I am a firm believer that social media is a powerful extension of our consciousness- you receive back what you tweet/pin/post/share/like.

And as a female brain physician and social media influencer in health and wellness, I am the first to admit that my brain is rewired to think in Tweets. I listen to conversations, read books, and watch the news all the while my brain is restructing sentences into 140 characters or less. At times I am prone to random outbursts “A-ha that’s a tweetable moment!”

When a twitter movement is powered by positive thinking, I am doing a Twitter #HappyDance. In the last one month, an empowering movement caught my attention: #FollowWomenWednesday


According to a 2013 Pew social media study more women than men use these social media sites. Men, however, dominate the feeds, especially on Twitter. Both men and women retweet men twice as much as they retweet women.

Academic Historian Megan Nelson started #FollowWomenWednesday as a positive solution to Twitter gender bias.

“It seemed just from my own feed that the sharing/liking followed particular patterns, one of which was gendered — men shared men, women shared women. So I started to investigate it, found Twee-Q, was shocked and horrified that I was such a sexist on Twitter (before #FWW I retweeted 73% men). One of my followers made a very important point: ‘to RT more women; you have to follow more women’. I started #FWW in mid-July 2015 and am following the results.”


Twee-Q, or Twitter Equality Quotient, is a simple score derived from how often you retweet men or women. They index the latest 100 tweets of a Twitter user and check the names and gender of those retweeted against their database. According the latest statistics on their website, there is very little improvement since the PEW research data was released in December 2013. Men still dominate the retweet by more than 3:1.

Yes I took the test, and I sighed a breath of relief to score a 10. I practice gender equality in my RTs.

WILL YOU #FollowWomenWednesday?

Join the movement and highlight women that you follow on Twitter.

1) Use #FollowWomenWednesday and highlight women on Twitter whose tweets inspire, educate, and empower you.

2) Find 1–3 women today on Twitter and RT their tweetable moments.

3) Share a blog article, video, quote from a female thought leader that inspires you.

“Remember, you receive what you tweet. Spread the love, one tweet at a time.”
-Dr. Romie

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Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD, ABIHM is a traditionally trained neurologist with additional board certification in Integrative Medicine. She helps audiences and individual clients heal from stress-based illnesses and career burnout with her program Mindset Matters which is based in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Dr. Romie writes at, where you can sign up to join her mindful living community and learn more about the medicine behind mindfulness. As a board certified physician in Integrative Medicine, She heals clients at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida. You can follow Dr. Romie on Twitter, Facebook and connect with her on LinkedIn.