I wished Iftar looked this beautiful in my kitchen. I stand over the counter and eat dates out of the container.


As a solo-entrepreneur, physician, media personality and professional speaker in the United States, my business can’t shut down for fasting in Ramadan. I needed to kneel in prayer for continued success this month. I figured anchoring myself in my spirituality would help me welcome abundance. Spirituality is only somewhat sustaining me thus far, but there is an abundance of personal foolishness that is causing me to laugh.

As you count down the hours to Iftar, I hope this will make you laugh as well.

My most valuable observations in the first 10 days of Ramadan:

1. You go to the grocery store without a list hoping your willpower and brain fog will guide you to buying only the necessities. $257 later, you realize you forgot the basics like eggs, milk, and more dates. That’s okay pesto sauce, avocados and gluten free muffins make a balanced dinner, no?

2. You schedule a coffee/tea/breakfast meeting hoping the chia seeds in your Sahoor protein shake will sustain you. Is inhaling coffee beans breaking fast or cheating?

3. You keep staring at a colleague’s water bottle until they offer it to you, only to have to offer lengthy explanation as to why you can’t drink it until 8:27pm EST.

4. You schedule a teleconference running into Iftar time hoping that no one will hear you gloriously chowing down dates, only to realize you are on a webinar. Smile, date bits are stuck in my teeth.

5. You sleep through the alarm at Sahoor, and are more worried that you didn’t get to brush your teeth over eating. Who said this breath is sweet? Have musky oxes ever been considered sweet?

6. You talk with your hand over your mouth so as not to scare colleagues away with your ketotic breath, only to be offered an Altoid.

First I’ll have fruit chaat and a samosa. Then later I’ll eat a roll and a sandwich. #CarbHeaven cravings for Iftar.

7. Really? 15 1/2 hours a day of fasting, and I haven’t lost a single pound? Oh, wait I wasn’t suppose to admit that I hoped to drop one dress size by the end of Ramadan. Don’t spirituality and weight loss go together?

8. You schedule the second coffee/tea/lunch meeting of the day despite knowing that the chia seeds failed you.

9. It’s over 100 degrees with the heat index in Florida. As a lady, I admit I am not perspiring. I’m drenched in sweat, and still trying to explain to someone why I am refusing water.

10. People at the yoga studio hear you are fasting and want to join the “juice fast.” When “the goras” realize that chanting “Om”, green juice, and putting random statues of Hindu Gods/Goddesses in their house is not involved- they are confused why my skin is brown.

11. You are stuck in line at an Iftar party behind 13 people who admit that they were not fasting. They are taking their time admiring each others’ headscarves, instead of moving out of my way. I should have stayed home at eaten the abundant (but slightly useless) groceries in my kitchen.

12. You drank so much water at Iftar that there is no room for the $257 worth of random groceries you had to buy earlier today.

P.S. Years of fasting, professional speaking and facing life/death situations with my patients has taught me to develop a sense of humor. If I have offended you in any way with my Ramadan comments, please fast an extra 10 days until your sense of humor returns.

P.P.S. Business has not shut down for Dr. Romie. She is a physician, speaker, and mindfulness expert. Aside from catching her as a media expert analyst on Fox News Orlando, The Huffington Post, and numerous other national media outlets, you can read her latest articles on the medicine behind mindfulness at www.brainbodybeauty.com. (Those articles were written in the absence of dehydration and hypoglycemia, so they may be a bit more dry and doctorly)

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