A Door Opens

Finding Now

Tossed by Winds of Chaos,

Drowning in a sea of faces,

Desperate Cries for help…

A Door opens,

“What dreams may come?”

Hope rises as I search to see,

What solution approaches…

Fear grips my heart:

Lifetimes of guilt,

Perceived failure,

Held-off consequences,

Things hidden in dark places…

The Light comes,

My hiding place revealed,

Withering into the shadows,

Sure of my inevitable demise,

A warm hand reaches,

Urging me to greet His gaze:

A gentle smile,

Forgiveness & understanding:

Gifts that humble,

Gifts that free,

Love in infinite manifestation,

A call to peace,

A call to effort,

Victory no longer impossible:

Walking on grass so green,

Sharing breath with trees,

And ten thousand things,

Happy for another chance…

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