Nigerian senate fails to pass women’s rights bill
Ozzy Etomi

A few weeks ago, I was devastated seeing pictures from a Nigerian village where 61 children were killed by terrorists that burned them alive. There is a battle for the soul of Africa. So much love, such magical heart, but much work needed for people to rise in Love and transform nations to higher states. Keep standing, keep talking.

Keep singing and painting and writing. Truth finds its way. Art opens minds and connects hearts until we win real freedom. Not freedom from, the thing that enslaved hearts think and dream of, but rather, freedom TO, the need of real civilizations as they create better tomorrows together on a tiny oasis in space we call Earth.

Here’s the verse…

I Saw Ashes


I saw ashes,

With woven braids,

Proof of Mothers’ love.

61 children,

Burned in fire,

As Twisted hearts,

Quoted God,

Shielding insanity,

With high purposes,

While we say,

“We cannot see,

We cannot know;”

Lies upon lies!

The simple truth?

Children should

. never smell,

. like diesel fuel,

. and sulfur;

Time to awaken,

Time to see,

Time to Be;

Love can’t wait,

One minute more.