A Singer Falls…


A bullet to the heart,

Ending life,

Silencing songs,

Ending many dances,

Releases tears & lament…

Is not power.

It is folly,

A twisted voice,

Screaming lies,

Into broken hearts…

Two eyes see;

One weeps,

Tears of Love,

Water for a desert;

One shines in hope,

Interpreted by Truth,


Music has no end,

Love lives in every heart,

Freedom grants us choice,

No bullet kills,

It is the choice,

That holds consequence,

The choice,

Bringing vision to Life,

The choice,

Freeing or enslaving,

Composing or destroying,

Allowing Love to grow,

A Garden of Intent…

The seeds are in us,

Choose to let them grow,

Turning off,

A Media of Chaos;


Politics of Division;

Choosing always,

To create Good News,

The result of choices,

The work of living hands;

A Way beyond bullets,

Where flowers grow,

And children sing,

Not paradise,

But consequence.

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